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4. A collaborative consultant with skills in:

4(a) Effective communication

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1.   Work with the Leadership Technology Task Force to determine technology needs of leadership participants, and prepare and communicate instructional material.

1.   Document projects developed as part of the Leadership Technology Task Force. Describe processes used to foster participation by Task Force members, determine technology requirements, develop materials, and communicate them.

2.   Present a paper on Data Warehousing at SCT Summit 99. Coordinate with key members of the Andrews University Data Warehouse Steering Committee.

2.   Describe the issues involved in identifying important areas to include, and in setting priorities for the use of time. Include the SCT Summit 99 presentation and attendee response forms.

3.   Be an effective spokesperson on information technology, translating IT concepts into the business context.

3.   Describe and list the reports, presentation slides, and scripts, etc.

Reflective Summary

1. Leadership Technology Task Force - preparing and communicating instructional material

2. Paper on Data Warehousing presented at the SCT Summit 99 User Conference

3. Spokesperson on Information Technology


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