School of Business


Assignment 3
Capital Project Prioritizing Case Study
due 6:00 pm, October 10, 2002

[This assignment is worth 10% of the marks for the course.
The group presentation is worth a further 10%]

The Assignment

Imagine you are the IS Manager or equivalent in the company. Analyze the XYZ case study to determine a project ranking. Use a ranking table and weights to quantify your priority ranking (refer to Laudon & Laudon Chapter 11 Understanding the Business Value of Information Systems and Managing Change). Justify your prioritization technique and your determination of the company's strategic direction. Show how your priorities fit in with the business strategy.

Submit about 800 words + analysis.  During the final class period, each student will give 30 minute presentation.

Purpose of the case study

The purpose of the case study is to provide:

Business and IT & S Imperatives driving the case

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