EDUC633 Issues in Educational Research Winter, 2000

Well - here we are trying to regroup and see what will happen. This week those who are left in the class (as per email from Freed) should move your thoughts and words into the main bulletin board where we will discuss all together. The articles for this week are 1,7,& 14 and you can expect to be responding to questions and comments from David Heise, Tracy Jacobs and Brad Shepherd. Let's organize our thoughts under the title of "Article one, Article 7 etc. and all try to make a contribution! For the week of Feb 27 to March 4, the articles will be 2, 8, & 16 and the discussion leaders/question makers are Jean, Karl and Mario and then the week of March 5 - 11, the articles will be 3, 9, & 20 and the discussion leaders Gary and Mickey. Hmmmm - good luck!! I (shirley) am off to Brazil but will try to stay connected from there :-)

Course Content

  1. Welcome
  2. Course Requirements
  3. Evaluation
  4. Activities for week 1
  5. Activities for week 2
  6. Activities for weeks 3-4
  7. Activities for weeks 5-7
  8. Activities for weeks 8-9
  9. Activities for week 10

Discussion Board