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5. A reflective researcher with skills in: ¬
(a) Reading and evaluating research

EDUC633 Course Instructions

From: Jerome Thayer [thayerj@andrews.edu]
Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2000 3:09 PM
To: Thayer, Jerry; Lead98
Subject: EDUC633 Research class

Dear Leadership student:

You have indicated an interest in taking EDUC633, Issues in Education Research this quarter in a structured format. The course will begin Monday, January 10. The first week will be a rather relaxed one, but you should plan on beginning your work immediately. Below are important details for you.

There are two objectives for EDUC633

  1. Become familiar with the major concepts of educational research that need to be considered when doing and evaluating research.
  2. Apply these concepts when reading educational research articles.

This quarter you will be assigned readings from three books which have been mailed to you:

  1. "Understanding Research Methods", 2nd Edition, by Mildred L. Patten. This book is an introduction to essential research methods in education.
  2. "Evaluating Research in Academic Journals" by Fred Pyrczak. This book provides guidelines in checklist format for evaluating academic journal articles.
  3. "A Cross Section of Educational Research" by Lawrence S. Lyne. This book provides a representative collection of educational research articles for evaluation.

Our approach will be to have you:

  1. Read about research methods (book 1).
  2. Read about evaluating research journal articles (book 2).
  3. Read assigned articles (book 3).
  4. Read self-selected articles.
  5. Discuss your readings with other participants in the class using the web (WebCT).

The activities for the course will be spread out over a 10-week period. You should plan on completing all work during this 10-week period. If you cannot plan on devoting a few hours of activity EACH week, you should not begin the course. For a 2-credit course it is expected that about 60 hours of learning activity will take place. This would be about 6 hours per week. While we will not keep track of time, you should block out this much time each week in advance. In addition to your reading, much of your time will be spent on-line discussing what you have read.

There will be three faculty facilitators in the course this quarter:
Jerry Thayer, Hinsdale Bernard, and Shirley Freed.
Questions regarding the course should be directed to Jerry Thayer.

The course will be organized using WebCT (Web Course Technologies) which can be found on the Andrews University home page.

Between now and January 14 you should:

  1. Be sure that you have the three textbooks mentioned above.
  2. Log on to the EDUC633 course using WebCT (see details below).
  3. Follow the week one instructions in the course content section of the course on WebCT.

All details of the class will be in the course content section of the course on WebCT.

I will be checking WebCT daily to see who has logged on to the course and will be assigning each of you to two groups (one large forum group and one small chat room group). If you have not logged on by January 14, you will be notified that you will not be able to take the course this quarter.

How to use WebCT
1. Log on to the Andrews University WebCT home page
Click: Academic
Click: School of Education
Click: School of Education Home Page
Click: OISI/New Delivery Systems
Click: Web Based Delivery Enhancements/WebCT


go directly using the URL "http://www.andrews.edu/webct.html" (set a bookmark)

2. Get into School of Education courses
Click: Course Listing
Click: School of Education


go directly using the URL
“http://www.andrews.edu:8900/webct/public/show_courses?910026602" (set a bookmark

3. Get into the class
Select one of the icons beside EDUC633 Research Foundations
Click: The "key" figure which is at the left of the course name Select: Name and password (personalized for you the first time you use WebCT)
Click: Course name
Enter: Name and password

Jerry Thayer

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