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5. A reflective researcher with skills in:

5(a) Reading and evaluating research

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1.   Take EDUC633 Issues in Education Research course with Dr. Shirley Freed during summer 1999.

1.   Submit assignments and reflective papers written for this course.

2.   Read selected books, journals and online resources.

2.   Write an annotated bibliography on qualitative research.

3.   Describe methodologies used while employed as mathematician and statistician at Australasian Food Research Laboratories (A.F.R.L.), a Division of Sanitarium Health Food Company in Australia.

3.   Demonstrate quantitative research capability from experience at A.F.R.L.

Reflective Summary

1. EDUC633 Issues in Education Research

2. Annotated bibliography

3. Quantitative methodologies used in food research at A.F.R.L.

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