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5. A reflective researcher with skills in:
(b) Conducting research

5b1 Documentation for previous research qualifications and experience

Development Plan
Document previous qualifications and experience.

1.1 Bachelor of Science, University of London
Portfolio Documentation
Bachelor of Science, Pure and Applied Mathematics and Physiology, London University.

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from London University as an external student, studying at Avondale College in Australia. I majored in Pure and Applied Mathematics and Physiology, which was a unique combination for its time. The Sanitarium Health Food Company awarded me a full scholarship for two years of this program, and in return, I gave a commitment to work for the company two years for each year of scholarship. Others before me had received similar sponsorship, but they had been requested to take Chemistry and Physiology as their majors, which made a lot of sense since they were going to be food research scientists. A new director was being groomed to replace the retiring director while I was a student, and when I indicated that my greatest interest was in mathematics, he encouraged me to major in that, since that worked right in with his emerging plans to automate the calculation and analysis of routine tests done in the analytical laboratory, and also to strengthen the statistical basis for the research experiments that were being done.

So that is how I came to work in mathematics, statistics and scientific computer programming with sponsorship from a food research laboratory.

1.2 Experience as scientist, mathematician, and statistician at A.F.R.L.
Portfolio Documentation
Experience as scientist, mathematician and statistician at A.F.R.L. (Australasian Food Research Laboratories).

For the first eight years after completing my undergraduate degree, I worked as a scientist, mathematician and statistician at A.F.R.L. (Australasian Food Research Laboratory), a division of Sanitarium Health Food Company in Australia. In 5b1.2 Notes and Reflections on Experience at A.F.R.L., I have provided some examples of research reports that I authored, and I have described some of the research methodologies I used and experiments I participated in.

1.3 Master of Engineering Science, University of Newcastle
Portfolio Documentation
Master of Engineering Science, University of Newcastle, with thesis documents.

In 1972 and 1973, while working at A.F.R.L., I obtained formal qualifications in computing, graduating from the University of Newcastle with a Master of Engineering Science degree in 1974. I found the combination of theory and application valuable as I developed my mathematical, statistical, and programming skills. In my thesis, I studied the assembler for the PDP-8 computer, which was really the world's first minicomputer. My task was to take programs written in the mnemonic assembly language for the PDP-8, and assemble them into ready-to-run binary code to run on a PDP-8 using a PDP-11 to parse the code, check for syntax errors, and punch out the binary code. I had to understand the instruction sets and assembly languages of both the PDP-8 and the PDP-11. I have scanned some sample pages of the PAL3H Project Documentation and the Program Listing that I prepared for the Masters computing project. Here are the names of the courses I took in earning this degree.


Courses Taken


410103 Commercial Programming


620101 Coding, Programming & Algorithms A


620103 Computer Organization


664147 Numerical Analysis


530116 EE562 Logical Design & Switching Theory


530117 EE563 Computer Operating Systems


530119 EE566 Automata & Computing Machines

  Masters Project: Documentation; Listing

1.4 Master of Computing, Macquarie University
Portfolio Documentation
Master of Computing, Macquarie University, with published thesis and presentation videotape.

In the early 1990's, I was becoming aware that computing was becoming almost unrecognizable when compared with what I had studied 20 years early, so I began searching for a program of study that would bring me up to date with the latest developments in the the theory of computing, as well as informing me of the best in software engineering methodologies and techniques. Using understandings I obtained from some of the courses, I was successful in winning a $20,000 grant from the Federal Government for a project




COMP820 Info. Systems Management Analysis


COMP824 Database and Information Systems


COMP828 Computer Architecture A


COMP830 Systems Software A


COMP821 Info. Systems Software Engineering


COMP831Systems Software B


GSMA860 Accounting for Management


COMP805 Foundations of Computing


COMP850 Computing Project

Links to Data Warehousing at Avondale College - Master of Computing Thesis

The project web site ACDW.html - created in 1996
The report itself ACDWTOC.html DWReport.pdf (597KB) DWReport.zip (169KB)
PowerPoint slides   DWPresPP.ppt (300KB) DWPresPP.zip (240KB)
Presentation Handout   DWPresHO.pdf (903KB) DWPresHO.zip (721KB)
Presentation Script DWPresSc.htm DWPresSc.pdf (514KB) DWPresSc.zip (159KB)
Full Video
  DWPres.wmv (342MB)
DWPres0.wmv (307KB)

Heise, David. (1973a). A PAL III Assembler for the PDP-11 Computer. (EN-0638)
PAL3H Project Documentation

Heise, David. (1973b). A PAL III Assembler for the PDP-11 Computer: Program Listing. (EN-0639)
Program Listing

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