Qualitative Research WebQuest

  1. What is research? Visit Bobbi's Place and read the dialogues and summarize from what you found.
  2. Take the Qualitative/Quantitative Quiz and record your answers.
  3. Visit the QualPage and identify five different methods of qualitative research and write a one sentence description of each type.
  4. Read Prudence Merton's study and identify which qualitative methods were used in the study. What is the nature of the relationship horticultural educators have with their plants? Find another study anywhere on the Internet and evaluate it using Eisner's criteria.
  5. Visit the QualPage and find one conference you could attend this school year. Why would you want to attend this conference?
  6. Look through the links on my Qualitative Research page and identify one site you would use again and explain why.
  7. Preview my qualitative samples and raise five questions you have about data collection, analysis, and/or representation techniques.