Data Warehousing Memo

David Heise

More than two years have passed since the Data Warehouse Steering Committee first met.  The pressure to provide ad hoc reporting and data analysis capabilities continues to mount, but because of limited resources and other priorities, no progress has been made since then.  This memo is intended to be a revision of what has been done so far, and a call to get back on track.

Review what we started

The agendas, meeting minutes and reports from our initial meetings are posted on the web.  Use these links to review what we did in those initial meetings.

The members of the committee completed a Data Warehouse Readiness Assessment.  Here are the questions and an analysis of the results: 

Data Warehousing Steering Committee Membership

Some of the members of the initial Steering Committee no longer work at Andrews.  The committee needs to review its composition, and suggest additional or alternative names where necessary.

Current Title Proposed
Mistee Arias Associate Director, Human Resources Marlene Jorgensen
Derek Bradfield Director, Student Financial Services 
Bradley Christensen Database Administrator 
Gary Dickerson Assistant Director, Administrative Systems 
Richard Forrester Chief Accountant Sharyl Turon
Emilio García-Marenko Registrar 
Ann Gibson Dean, School of Business 
David Heise Chief Information Officer 
Ronald Herr Associate Vice President, Financial Administration 
Lisa Jardine Alumni Coordinator/Annual Fund Raising 
Patricia B Mutch Vice President, Academic Administration 
David S Penner Vice President, Enrolment?
Sharon Pittman Chair, Social Work Department 
Susan Schwab Coordinator-Academic Systems 
Jack Stout Chair, Strategic Planning Committee 
Ed Wines Vice President, Financial Administration 
DWSteering Listserv for the committee 

Committee Objectives

Suggested Subject Areas

It has become very clear from discussions in the Strategic Planning Committee, in Quality Improvement Teams and in other places around campus that enrolment and retention are key areas in assuring the ongoing success of the institution.  In the November 18, 1998 meeting of the Data Warehouse Steering Committee, the following topics were suggested during a short brain storming session:

  1. Applications, Acceptances, Registrations
  2. Class Sizes
  3. Costs and sources of funds for different mixes of students
  4. Deans Statistics
  5. Donor Tracking/Analysis (Census Report)
  6. Faculty Load Analysis
  7. Faculty Productivity
  8. Market Segment Analysis
  9. Program cost tracking, multiple sources of income/revenue per student
  10. Registration Analysis
  11. Research cost tracking for various kinds of research
  12. Retention Analysis
  13. Student Achievement/Outcomes
  14. Student Aid Tracking/Analysis
  15. Viable Majors

Recent Developments

It is not entirely true that no progress has been made since we last met.  In the minutes of the last Steering Committee meeting, towards the end, there is a reference to the high cost of client software, and the expectation that products will become available that are much less expensive.  There was the same expectation for ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) tools.  Those expectations have been met.  We are able to begin our data warehouse project for significantly less capital outlay than was the case 2 years ago.  Microsoft SQL Server 7 has been chosen as the relational database for the data warehouse, and this includes the ETL tools.  Hardware specifications for the server are being determined at present.

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