DW Evaluation Questions

Oracle Data Mart Suite
  1. Design tool – does it know about star schemas? Does it have rules checking that is consistent with data warehouse design (i.e., not normalized, etc)?
  2. Training and Consulting – What training and consulting is available, and what are the costs? What training and consulting is included with the purchase of the suite, or is it all unbundled? Would you be able to provide consultants and trainers with experience in the education sector?
  3. Can you supply us with the names and contact details of other universities who have implemented this suite?
  4. Can you provide us with an evaluation copy?
  5. Licensing – Do we have to purchase CALs (Client Access Licenses) for Web access? Is there any deal for NT Server licensing for connecting to the data warehouse?
  6. Metadata Repository – Where is the Discover 2000 Workbook Wizard column description held? Is there a single integrated repository for metadata? Is it maintained automatically, i.e., does it record last refresh date, history of changes, etc?
  7. Unix – Will this be offered on the Linux/Unix platform? When?