Data Warehouse Steering Committee

June 20, 2000, 3:00pm


David Heise, Chair 
Gary Dickerson, Vice-Chair 
Bradley Christensen, Secretary 
Derek Bradfield 
Emilio García-Marenko 
Ann Gibson 
Ron Herr 
Lisa Jardine 
Marlene Jorgensen 
Pat Mutch 
Sharon Pittman 
Sue Schwab 
Jack Stout 
Sharyl Turon 
Ed Wines


1. Prayer

2. Review of 15-Jun-2000 Memo  

  1. What Is Data Warehousing?
  2. Steering Committee Membership
  3. Web Site

3. Committee Objectives

  1. Identify critical success factors
  2. Prioritize
  3. Identify key performance measures of those factors
  4. Define decision support data models and analyses

4. Suggested Subject Areas

  1. Refer to Memo
  2. Refine, revise, suggest others

5. What Next?

  1. Form teams for highest priority subject areas, containing:
  2. Design and build data warehouse
  3. Develop and deploy data models