Data Warehousing Steering Committee

20 June, 2000 3:00 pm

Members present Gary Dickerson, David Heise, Lisa Jardine, Brad Christensen, Jack Stout, Sharyl Turon, Sharon Pittman, Michael Wright, Pat Mutch, Ed Wines
Absent members Derek Bradfield, Emilio Garcia-Marenko, Ann Gibson, Ron Herr, Marlene Jorgensen, Sue Schwab
Prayer David Heise
Review David Heise began with a review of a memo he emailed to the committee last week, bringing us up to date on what we started two years ago, and where we are now.  He stressed the importance of this data warehousing project to Andrews University, pointing out that it is one of 5 projects from a list of 15 ranked to be strategically important to the university. Also discussed were the data warehousing concepts versus a reporting tool like Access.
Committee Membership The committee membership list was amended to include Marlene Jorgensen instead of Mistee Arias and Sharyl Turon instead of Rich Forrester.  Sharon Pittman requested Michael Wright be her replacement since he is Social Work's technology support person.

The web site for the committee is

Committee Objectives/Subject Areas David suggested that we review the 15 subject areas from the prior meeting.

Sharon suggested that we use indicators that are being requested of her as a list of priority items that need to be addressed.

Pat requested that the reporting capability that we lost when moving from the old system to Banner be made available especially since we are wishing to use performance metrics for departments.

Jack suggested that the client interface be web-based where feasible to leverage administrator familiarity with the technology.

Sharon wanted to know if the facts that are unique to their department could be integrated with the tool.

Alumni tracking/outcome analysis should also be included in the subject areas.

We have 3 years of data that was used in the chair's reports. This data could be used as a starting point for deans' statistics.

After further discussion, it was agreed that the Dean's Statistics subject area should be chosen as a starting point the the data warehouse.  It has the advantages of already being clearly defined and specified, and of filling a pressing need and hence potentially providing early value.

Team Members for 1st Project The following were selected as members of the first Data Warehouse Development Committee: Michael Wright, Sue Schwab, Pat Mutch, Gary Dickerson. Samples of reports that we presently have should be fed to Gary Dickerson for analysis. It was suggested that Jim Massena should also be asked to serve, as we need him for explanation and analysis of data definitions.
Meeting Schedule The DW Development Committee will have responsibility for the details of the first pilot project, and will meet as frequently as necessary.  The DW Steering Committee will not need to meet more than every one or two months.
Next Meeting To be advised.
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