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5. A reflective researcher with skills in:

5(b) Conducting research

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Portfolio Documentation

1.   Document previous qualifications and experience.

1.   Documentation for previous research qualification and experience:

1.1   Bachelor of Science, Pure and Applied Mathematics and Physiology, London University.

1.2   Experience as scientist, mathematician and statistician at A.F.R.L. (Australasian Food Research Laboratories).

1.3   Master of Engineering Science, University of Newcastle, with thesis documents.

1.4   Master of Computing, Macquarie University, with published thesis and presentation videotape.

2.   Take EDRM605 Introduction to Qualitative Research with Dr. Shirley Freed.

2.   Document the course with notes and assignments, and reflect on its application to the delivery of ITS services and questions related to data warehousing.

3.   Determine the measurable factors that would be most useful to administrators and managers for both tactical and strategic decision support, for implementation using data warehousing technologies.

3.   Describe the role of the Data Warehouse Steering Committee and the techniques used to determine key measurable factors for inclusion in a data warehouse.

Reflective Summary

1. Documentation for previous research qualification and experience

2. EDRM605 Qualitative Research

3. Process for identifying Key Performance Indicators for Data Warehousing

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