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5. A reflective researcher with skills in:
(c) Reporting research

5c1 Previous research reporting experiences

Development Plan
Document previous research reporting experience.

1.1 Scientific reports written while at  (A.F.R.L.)
Portfolio Documentation
Scientific reports while employed at A.F.R.L. (Australasian Food Research Laboratories).

I have been able to locate only two of the reports I wrote up from my time as a scientist in the laboratory. Most of the research I did personally related to instrumentation and measurement methods. The first of the reports I was able to find, "The Relationship Between Outside Air Humidity And Finished Biscuit Moisture", was written in September, 1977. I used a Stepwise Linear Regression procedure to analyze the results, and concluded that "humidity had no effect on Finished Biscuit Moisture". The other report was written in January, 1978, and is an example of research on a measuring instrument. The A.F.R.L. had designed an instrument for quickly determining the moisture content of a cereal called Weet-Bix (still Australia's number one breakfast food). The instrument incorporated scales for measuring weight before and after, and used Infra Red (I.R.) radiation to heat the biscuit and remove moisture. The report was called "Voltages In I.R. Moisture Meters" and the research revealed some errors both in the manual for the instrument and in the actual use of the instrument.

1.2 Master of Computing thesis and videotape presentation
Portfolio Documentation
Master of Computing thesis and videotape presentation on Data Warehousing at Avondale College

I created a data warehousing web site as I was writing my Master of Computing thesis. I converted the whole thesis document to HTML and placed it on the web, along with other data warehousing documents and reports. I was studying at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, but had already taken up the position of IT Director here at Andrews University when I was writing up the thesis. In place of giving a live presentation, I made the presentation in front of a video camera in a studio in ILS (International Learning Systems), and mailed the video tape along with the PowerPoint presentation, handout, and presentation script. My Professor, Dr. Kit Dampney, sought and obtained my permission to place the video in the University library.

Links to Data Warehousing at Avondale College - Master of Computing Thesis

The project web site ACDW.html - created in 1996
The report itself ACDWTOC.html DWReport.pdf (597KB) DWReport.zip (169KB)
PowerPoint slides   DWPresPP.ppt (300KB) DWPresPP.zip (240KB)
Presentation Handout   DWPresHO.pdf (903KB) DWPresHO.zip (721KB)
Presentation Script DWPresSc.htm DWPresSc.pdf (514KB) DWPresSc.zip (159KB)
Full Video
  DWPres.wmv (342MB)
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