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5. A reflective researcher with skills in:
(c) Reporting research

5c2 Reports published on the Data Warehousing project at Andrews University

Development Plan Portfolio Documentation

Publish reports and presentations given to various bodies and committees on campus.

Include copies of the reports and presentations.

In May 1998, I attended a one week training seminar on best practices and implementation in data warehousing conducted by The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI). I compiled a list of the vendors exhibiting and organizations teaching the courses. I placed the document on the web as a handy reference with hyperlinks to each organization's web site, and this was useful as we learned about the range of products and services and associated costs for various commercial solutions.

Towards the end of 1998, I began an informal series of meetings to get the data warehousing project started at Andrews University. Then in November, I formed the Data Warehousing Steering Committee to direct the project formally. I used the web to place agendas and minutes of the meetings, and this allowed me to include hyperlinks to the various reports and other presentation material that was distributed during the meetings. In another document also on the web, I defined the roles of the Data Warehousing Steering Committee and the Data Warehousing Development Committee and listed the members.

Here are some of the reports and other presentation materials that were used during those meetings.

One of the exercises we did as a committee was the Data Warehousing Readiness Assessment. Gary Dickerson located an assessment tool and obtained permission to use it at Andrews. On a score of 1 to 5 where 1 is just starting and and 5 is implemented, our team scored 3. This was actually quite encouraging, since it meant that as a team, we already had some clear ideas about what a data warehouse could do for us, including some specific areas where we might begin prototyping and getting started.

Data Warehousing Readiness Assessment

Dr. Greg Wegner, a consultant from IRHE (Institute for Research on Higher Education), met with the Strategic Planning Committee on December 2, 1998 and with several other administrative groups. He showed us how to do a market segment analysis based mainly on admit and yield rates and graduation rates. I made notes of the various meetings I attended, and wrote them up for the web.

Although the Data Warehousing Steering Committee was formed in late 1998, there was a hope that a high priority would be given to putting together the required resources. However, two other higher priorities had to be dealt with first - Web Registration and Y2K. It was the middle of 2000 before the Steering Committee was able to meet again. I prepared a memo on June 15, 2000 bringing the committee up to date. The committee had its next meeting on June 20 (agenda; minutes).

Gary Dickerson received training by attending several TDWI conferences. I continued my membership of the Institute for several years, and summarized some of the materials I received.

In all the committees where data warehousing has been presented, the objective has been to determine what data to extract into data marts and how to model it so that it answers real questions. It has been good to see the emphasis on strategic thinking and acknowledgment of the importance of strategic planning and having data to support decision making. The progression from strategic plan through to data marts supporting specific business needs is depicted in the following diagram.

Progression from Strategic Plan to Data Marts
Progression from Strategic Plan to Data Marts

The strategic plan guides in identifying critical success factors (CSFs). Data marts are built model on the measurable indicators (KPIs or Key Performance Indicators) that are measures of the CSFs. A growing list of broad business areas has been emerging, and out of this specific key performance indicators will be developed.

In January, 2002, I called a select group of people together specifically to address the development of a Knowledge Management Strategy. The purpose of this meeting was partly to review the organization of and resources devoted to Institutional Research, and to highlight the need to provide additional resources in order to accomplish what everyone agrees we need to do. We did not cover all the items on the agenda, but we spent some time on the growing list of indicators, and I listed them alphabetically in the report. Prioritizing them will be the task of a subsequent meeting.

In March 1999, I gave a presentation at the annual Banner user conference, and have written up that experience separately.

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