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6. A competent scholar with a working knowledge of:
(b) Theories of learning and human development

Listing of Affiliates of Andrews University

This table lists the primary institutions that are affiliated with Andrews University.  This relationship means that students attending these institutions actually enrol as students of Andrews University in programs that we offer.  Local teachers use our program guides and course syllabi.

The table is organized by Andrews school or department having dealings with affiliates, and the institutions those dealings are with.

AU School/Office AU Contact Affiliate Institution
Seminary Silvia Flores Antillean University
Caribbean Union College
Helderberg College
Montemorelos University
Newbold College
Spicer Memorial College
Zaokski Seminary
Affiliates & Extensions Ngaire Clouten Caribbean Union College
Helderberg College
Newbold College
CAS – Music Peter Cooper Montemorelos University
SED Anna Piskozub Montemorelos University
Loretta Johns Newbold College
? Spicer Memorial College?
SBA Charles Tidwell Caribbean Union College
President’s Office Valerie Boger Peruvian University
Sahmyook University


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