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6. A competent scholar with a working knowledge of:
(b) Theories of learning and human development

Word Processing Presentation to CAS Chairs

Presentation for CAS Chairs
Wednesday, September 25, 2002
By David Heise

1. The Rumors

There have been rumors circulating around campus that ITS has terminated support for WordPerfect.

Firstly, the rumors, are untrue.  Support continues at the same level as it has for a number of years.  We are installing and supporting version 9 Service Pack 4 on pre-Windows XP machines, and are now installing version 10 on Windows XP machines.

But what do we mean by the term "support"?

2. What does “supported” mean?

3. How did WordPerfect come to Andrews?

4. What is the status of WordPerfect at Andrews now?

5. Future

6. Training

The recently completed Word Processing Survey  will help us determine the following:

Data Analysis

As of Friday, September 20, 2002, 205 responses had been recorded.

Number of Installations

Of the 205 respondents, 166 (81%) have Word on their computers, and 157 (77%) have WordPerfect.  A total of 119 of these computers have both office suites installed.  Thirty-eight have WordPerfect only, 47 have Word only.

Installations of Word and WordPerfect
Total Word
Total WordPerfect
Grand Total

Influence of Years Employed on Word Processor Preference

The percentage of the 205 respondents expressing a preference for WordPerfect is 50% compared to 38% favoring Word.  For the group of employees who have up to two years of service, the percentages reflect the changes in the market place favoring Word (71%) when compared to WordPerfect (19%).


Draft Recommendations

  1. Formally adopt Microsoft Office as the standard office productivity suite for Andrews University.
  2. Offer training seminars and workshops to meet the needs indicated in the Word Processing survey.
  3. Over a 6-month period, phase out the use of WordPerfect for standard document creation.  Move towards using Microsoft Word for all new document creation.
  4. Investigate options for a document conversion service.
  5. Do a similar survey for other office software training needs.

Plan for gaining approval

  1. Review these draft recommendations with IT staff.
  2. Take the recommendations to the Academic and Adminstrative Computing Committes for revision and approval.
  3. Take the approved recommendations to the President's Cabinet for final approval

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