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Sent: Monday, May 22, 2000 6:07 PM
To: Leadership - All
Subject: Combined Regional Meeting - Social Systems Seminar

The Midwest and Berrien Springs Local Regional Groups had a joint meeting on Sunday afternoon, May 21, 2000, on the lush green campus of Andrews University.

Present were:
Josť Alaby, David Heise, Marcia Kilsby, Andrew Mikolajczyk, Joe Mucha, and Victoria Wickwire from the Berrien Springs Local group, and Dan Applegate, Jeanette Bryson, and Garry Sudds from the Midwest group.

Garry Sudds' devotional thoughts were a series of snapshots cut and pasted from the E. G. White writings CD-ROM.  He chose as his first project with this software the topic of Jesus as Leader.

Jeanette Bryson had been assigned responsibility for bringing refreshments, and amongst these she brought a beautiful birthday cake.  Jeanette solved the riddle of whose birthday it was by telling us about an African custom - the birthday person brings the cake!  We all joined in singing Happy Birthday to Jeanette.

Following introductions, Dr. Elsie Jackson led the group in an invigorating Social Systems Seminar discussion.  She has a total of 4 such seminars:

    1. Family Systems
    2. Sociological Issues & Problems
    3. Social Psychology
    4. The Global Social System - interconnectedness of the global economy, etc

Each seminar is available for credit (1 credit each) or to acquire and demonstrate competency.  Dr. Jackson offers each of the 4 parts independently, so those interested can take just those parts of interest, or the whole program.  The Midwest Group had previously taken the seminar on Family Systems.  Sunday's seminar was on Sociological Issues and Problems.

The presentation began with an examination of three theoretical approaches to sociological analysis: Symbolic Interaction, Functionalism, and Conflict.  Garry Sudds took excellent notes, which he circulated with his report.  These are available on the web at

The next meeting of the Berrien Springs Local regional group will be on Thursday, June 22, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  This will be an IDP Fair, where members will bring IDP and portfolio materials for the purpose of spending time presenting, explaining, and giving thorough evaluation and feedback.


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