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6. A competent scholar with a working knowledge of:
(e) Educational technology and its application

6e1 Personal and professional use of technology

I have always had an interest in the application of technology to my work and for personal use.  This is partly because the use of technology is one of my personal interests as well as being a professional interest.  But I am also interested in the growing need for improvements in white collar productivity, and the untapped potential that technology is promising to deliver to this area.  Mass production in factories led to the industrial revolution, then factory automation technology massively reduced the size of the blue collar work force.  The industrial age has been followed by the information age, but we are still waiting for technology's promised productivity gains. Tom Peters believes that the "White Collar Revolution" will take place during the coming 10 years.  He says that 90% of all white collar work will be eliminated or reconfigured within 10 years.  What this means is not that lots of white collar positions will be eliminated, but that what we do and the way we do it are going to change.  We will become dinosaurs if we shun these changes.

1.1 Personal use of technologies

Development Plan Portfolio Documentation

Continue to develop my own use of technology in communicating more effectively in the classroom, in committees and in other work situations.

Describe the development of the technologies I use, their application and effectiveness.

1.2 Web resources I have developed

Development Plan Portfolio Documentation

Through my personal web, develop and deploy instructional materials as resources for the classes I teach.

List the web resources I have developed, and the ongoing development and adaptation to keep them relevant and effective.

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