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6. A competent scholar with a working knowledge of:
(e) Educational technology and its application

Draft instructions: 21 July, 1998

1. URL: http://www.educ.andrews.edu/forums
2.  You must register. Under the Post New Topic graphic, click register in the line of text hyperlinks:
edit profile | register | prefs | help/faq

You will see a page of SED Distance Learning Forums Rules & Policies. Please read carefully, and click the Agree button only if you do agree to abide by the rules.

You will then see a form, with instructions on how to complete it. Only the User Name and Email address fields are required. Since this information is public, fill in other fields only if you wish to.

NOTE: The user name is the name people know you by, NOT your email user name.

Click the Submit button to complete registration. An acknowledgement email will be sent to you immediately, with your password.

Then click Click here to enter the Bulletin Board now!

You will want to click prefs at some stage, where you can set an option that saves you having to enter your password every time you return to the bulletin board to post something.

3. The forum that has been set up for us is: Leadership Program. Click it.

Currently, 8 topics have been started. Click on the one you want to read, or start a new thread.

  • Welcome! 
  • Devotional/Inspirational 
  • Technology 
  • Announcements 
  • Portfolio 
  • Dissertation 
  • General Discussion Area 
  • Leadership Program Water Cooler
4. Posting: Click Post New Topic to start a new topic, or Post Reply to enter a response. 

Both of these actions will require you to use the password that was emailed to you when you registered, plus a forum password that all of you use. 

The forum password is: ****** (note: all lower case!)

You must not share this password with anyone!

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