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6. A competent scholar with a working knowledge of:
(e) Educational technology and its application

6e3.2 Reflections on the Leadership web site

The Leadership Web Site

The role of webmaster for the Leadership web site has proved to be challenging and time-consuming, but also very satisfying.  The site already had a very professional design, and has required relatively little maintenance except in one area.  The online student directory was organized two ways - by cohort and by regional group.  This had been created for the 50 participants in the program in 1997.  But as new cohorts were added, with additional regional groups, and as the volume of email address changes mounted, I could see that maintaining the directory pages could become overwhelming without some tools.  So I developed a database application in Microsoft Access with a link to the Paradox database used in the Leadership office to automatically synchronize email addresses and regional group assignments, and write the HTML code for the directory pages and regenerate the listservs.

So the work has continued to be manageable and enjoyable.  One benefit I receive from this is a greater awareness of the other regional groups.  As minutes of meetings are posted to LeadAll, I publish to the appropriate directory on the web, and an indexing script lists the new minutes for that group dynamically the next time someone visits that page.  I also get to know the individuals in the program better, through maintaining the directory pages, and posting their bios as they are submitted to me.


From time to time, the purpose of the LeadAll listserv is raised in discussion.  The view most often expressed is that it should be kept for leadership program requirements, such as the group discussions that we are all encouraged to participate in and general announcements from the Leadership office or announcements of significant individual or group achievements.  It is not appropriate to use the list for circulating unsolicited stories, humorous, inspirational or otherwise.

An unsuccessful attempt was made at the 1998 Roundtable to implement a Bulletin Board for discussion and sharing of stories in place of the listserv.  Subsequently, Andrews University purchased WebCT courseware software, and this provided another opportunity to facilitate discussion and interaction among subsets of the Leadership population.  WebCT forums were set up for regional groups, and a LeadAll forum was set up as the place to post stories, questions, and engage in discussion in a way that affected only those who wished to participate.

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