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6. A competent scholar with a working knowledge of:
(e) Educational technology and its application

6e3.2 Document specific technologies used in the Leadership web site

Site Management

I use relatively simple tools for maintaining the Leadership web site:

FrontPage produces several useful reports for managing a web site, including broken hyperlinks, unlinked files and slow pages.  These are very handy for keeping the site clean, functioning well and error-free.  FrontPage is easy to use, and simplifies even complex tasks such as creating frames, tables, image maps, and using and applying themes and cascading style sheets.

I use Microsoft Photo Editor to scale photos for the directory pages and for the biographies, and occasionally to improve the contrast or brightness of the photos.

CuteFTP is an easy to use program for uploading files from my local hard drive to the web server.  It has a 'point-and-click' interface, and easily allows sorting by date to highlight recently modified files.

PERL (Practical Extraction and Report Language) is used build the index frame for the Regional Group minutes.  I save each minutes file in the subdirectory for the group that submits them, using the meeting date as the file name (YYYYMMDD).  The PERL script lists the files in the selected directory, sorts them in reverse order, then write the HTML for the web page to display the index of minutes.

I have a Microsoft Access on my PC that I keep synchronized with the Paradox database in Leadership office.

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