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6. A competent scholar with a working knowledge of:
(e) Educational technology and its application

6e3.5 Document applications of the WebCT technology



  1. Fill out two copies of the contract.  You will keep one and your instructors the other.
  2. Fill in your name and information on the contract form that follows.
  3. Indicate the number of additional credits you wish to receive.
  4. Make a brief outline of your objectives and end results we can expect to receive from you on or before August 6, 1999.
  5. Review with one of the instructors and obtain her signature.
  6. Submit copy of contract with signatures to one of the instructors prior to the end of this week's intensive.  Students needing doctoral credit must get the signature of their advisor and petition for the EDIC889 option.
  7. On or before August 6, 1999, electronically submit (e-mail) your contract, your time log (explained below), your application paper, your WebCT ID and password which will allow the instructors to view your project, to burton@andrews.edu with cc: to lorena@andrews.edu and carole@andrews.edu.
Time Log

For each credit beyond the first, you must record 20 additional hours on a time-log and give a brief statement of the activity that you did during that time segment.  For example:

July 12
10 a.m.-12:00 a.m. Uploaded files into file manager
3:00-5:00 Set up forums and composed topics in the bulletin board
7:00-8:30 Placed schedule on electronic calendar
Total hours: 5 1/2 hours
Additional Information

It is expected that the teacher of record, Dr. Larry Burton, as well as your two instructors, Lorena Bidwell and Carole Kilcher, will be able to access the majority of your work in the WebCT format. A personal home page is not the intent of this course.

You will be assigned one Student ID and password in WebCT to work during this week.  If additional environments on the WebCT server are needed,  please request more space on this contract.

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