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6. A competent scholar with a working knowledge of:
(e) Educational technology and its application

6e3.5 Document applications of the WebCT technology

EDUC689 Seminar: Technology Integration
Summer, 1999


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I will be teaching a course on Management Information Systems in Singapore during the last two weeks of October.  I see this as an excellent opportunity to foster discussion beyond the two weeks of the course, and to provide time for less hectic testing.

1. Resources

I have previously placed the syllabus, web links and other resources on the web for this course, and as I revise and update those resources, I will bring them into the WebCT course.

Time Estimate (in hours):
1. Customize appearance and tools


2. Upload and link syllabus, reference lists, web links and other resources


3. Upload class list, and email students with login details, and brief instructions on use of WebCT, the Quizzes and the Bulletin Board




2. Testing

I have used multiple choice and true and false tests when teaching this course in the past, and now that this technology is available, it seems to offer great benefits for students and teachers.  In a classroom situation, good learning takes place with the discussion that happens while the answers are being given.  I will try to encourage that to still happen via the bulletin board.

Time Estimate (in hours):
1. Develop and document tools for translating quizzes into WebCT upload format 24:00
2. Prepare quizzes in desired format, and convert to WebCT upload format


3. Import chosen test sets into WebCT question database


4. Create the quizzes for each chapter and the final examination from the test sets


5. Monitor testing in WebCT, and give feedback


6. Make adaptations to quiz time allowed, cut-off dates, number of questions per quiz, as and when need is identified.


7. Extract WebCT results into grading spreadsheet


8. Recompute all WebCT totals, and download for Portfolio documentation




3. Online Discussion

I will pose a case study for online discussion following the two weeks I will be in Singapore.  This will relieve the time pressure on students and teacher of trying to keep up with pace of the course as well as the reading and preparing presentations on the case studies.  I will not know who the students are early enough to have significant dialogue taking place before the course.  However, I will introduce WebCT and explain the basics of using the bulletin board in the first session, and require daily postings to ensure that everyone masters the technology.  Then I will leave a case study with three set questions to be discussed online one question per week following the course.  I will participate in the discussion to ensure it is working well.

Time Estimate (in hours):
1. Locate, upload and link selected case study


2. Pose the three discussion questions via email and via the WebCT Bulletin Board, and start each week's discussion


3. Read student responses daily, contribute comments of my own to stimulate discussion, and affirm those participating.  Encourage non-participators to join the discussion.


4. Compile, save and download all responses, import them into my Portfolio, assess quantity and quality of participation, and enter into grading spreadsheet




Total Time Estimate (in hours):
Course Total


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