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6. A competent scholar with a working knowledge of:
(e) Educational technology and its application

6e3 Applications of web technology

3.1 Skills learned in INSY426 Internet Authoring
Development Plan Portfolio Documentation

Take INSY426 Internet Authoring with Dan Bidwell and Bill Greenley.

Demonstrate skills learned in this course in my personal web page, in the Leadership home page, and by providing consulting and training to Leadership participants.

The techniques that I learned in this course are documented in my_web.html, and include the use of graphics for animation and 'image maps' for graphical menu selection, tables, frames, forms with scripting for data collection, and database access scripts.  Continuing development now includes security access and logging scripts, and the use of themes and cascading style sheets.

The following links illustrate the application of Internet authoring skills:

  1. The Internet Authoring Course
  2. Personal web page
  3. New Leadership Participant home page
  4. Web training and consulting

3.2 Technologies used in the Leadership web site
Development Plan Portfolio Documentation

As web master for the Leadership program, make effective use of web technology for marketing and promotion, for informational uses and for data collection from those who visit the site.

Document specific technologies used in the Leadership web site, with reflections on their effectiveness.

  1. Site management 
  2. Participant web directory 
  3. Regional group minutes 
  4. Discussion Boards and Forums 
  5. Links added 
  6. Reflections 

3.3 Initiatives implemented in the ITS web site
Development Plan Portfolio Documentation

Facilitate the development of the ITS web as an effective information resource.

Document initiatives implemented in the ITS web site, and reactions to them.

A first draft of the ITS web site was created in late 1998.  Minutes of the Administrative Computing Committee, which were archived back to mid 1996, were moved to this site.  Major developments for the site were planned as part of initiative to implement a portal on the Andrews web page.  Prior to this, the site as not promoted, and its existence was referred to only in response to specific requests, such as for our policies or organizational structure, or for specific projects, such as Y2K and the Wireless Networking initiative.

When the site has developed to the point that it can be formally announced, reactions will be noted and reported here.

These are just some of the links available from the ITS web site: 

  1. Y2K
  2. ITS Mission and Services
  3. IT Policies
  4. Staff Directory
  5. Wireless Networking
  6. The ITS Home Page

3.4 Application of educational technologies in the Andrews web.
Development Plan Portfolio Documentation

Play an active role in the development of the Andrews web as Vice-Chair of the Web Committee.

Describe the application of educational technologies in the development of the Andrews web.

role as secretary when Mailen chaired
helped develop policy for personal pages
began developing an idea of what the next AU web page needed to be

chaired Web Committee through process of defining the new position of Web Coordinator - job description, where it should report, selection from applicants

co-chaired new restructured webcom with doug jones.
role in developing the concepts for the new home page, and web policies

next level - portal - add diagram
meetings to incorporate CSC, CRM, integrate and encompass

3.5 Applications of the WebCT technology
Development Plan Portfolio Documentation

Take EDUC689 Seminar: Technology Integration, WebCT with Erik Baumgartner.  Find ways to use this technology for general discussions within the Leadership program.

Document applications of the WebCT technology.

  1. WebCT 3.0 - Training notes from MCF
  2. Notes on earning academic credit greater than one credit
  3. Contract for academic credit greater than one credit
  4. WebCT Course: BSAD556 Topics: Management Information Systems
bullet Course Home Page
bullet The Online Quizzes:
 1. Loading the questions into WebCT
 2. Quiz Progress Summaries
 3. Quiz Scores
bullet Discussion on the Bulletin Board
bullet Tracking Student Access
bullet Time Log; Time Log
bullet Reflections on taking EDUC689 Seminar: Technology Integration

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