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6. A competent scholar with a working knowledge of:

6(e) Educational technology and its application

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1.   Personal and professional use of technology:

1.1 Continue to develop my own use of technology in communicating more effectively in the classroom, in committees and in other work situations.

1.2 Through my personal web, develop and deploy instructional materials as resources for the classes I teach.

1.   Personal and professional use of technology:

1.1   Describe the development of the technologies I use, their application and effectiveness.

1.2   List the web resources I have developed, and the ongoing development and adaptation to keep them relevant and effective.

2.   Build the Leadership Technology Task Force into an effective, functional unit, benefiting leadership participants, faculty, and task force members individually.

2.   Document and reflect on the actions of the Leadership Technology Task Force and its impact on leadership participants and the leadership program.

3.   Web technology:

3.1   Take INSY426 Internet Authoring with Dan Bidwell and Bill Greenley.

3.2   As web master for the Leadership program, make effective use of web technology for marketing and promotion, for informational uses and for data collection from those who visit the site.

3.3   Facilitate the development of the ITS web as an effective information resource.

3.4   Play an active role in the development of the Andrews web as Vice-Chair of the Web Committee.

3.5   Take EDUC689 Seminar: Technology Integration, WebCT with Erik Baumgartner. Find ways to use this technology for general discussions within the Leadership program.

3.   Web Technology:

3.1   Demonstrate skills learned in this course in my personal web page, in the Leadership home page, and by providing consulting and training to Leadership participants.

3.2   Document specific technologies used in the Leadership web site, with reflections on their effectiveness.

3.3   Document initiatives implemented in the ITS web site, and reactions to them.

3.4   Describe the application of educational technologies in the development of the Andrews web.

3.5   Document applications of the WebCT technology.

Reflective Summary

1. Personal and professional use of technology

2. Reflections on Leadership Technology Task Force

3. Applications of web technology

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