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6. A competent scholar with a working knowledge of:
(e) Educational technology and its application

Time Log

6e2 Reflections on Leadership Technology Task Force

   Date Description Elapsed Time
  22-Jul-98 With Marilyn Eggers & Carole Kilcher, set up Leadership Bulletin Board, and prepared a presentation on how to use it. 3:00   
  24-Jul-98 Internet News option for Bulletin Board 3:00   
  26-Jul-98 Internet News option for Bulletin Board 4:30   
  26-Jul-98 Emailed invitation to join the Technology Task Force 0:45   
  26-Jul-98 Investigating other alternatives to web-based bulletin board - SED News Server, CSIS News Server 4:30   
  27-Jul-98 Internet News option for Bulletin Board - investigating SED News Server 0:30   
  28-Jul-98 More recruiting and list maintenance for Technology Task Force 0:40   
  03-Aug-98 Finished writing and emailing the Technology Survey to leadall 3:30   
  30-Oct-98 Helped set up NetMeeting for Berrien Springs Dissertation group 1:00   
Sub-section Total


Total Time Spent 21:25   

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