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Topic Competency
Using, evaluating, and adapting instructional materials (Reflective Summary)  1a
Instructional management to accommodate individual variability (Annotated Bibliography)  1b3
Developing instructional strategies (Annotated Bibliography)  1c2
Planning and implementing change (Annotated Bibliography)  2a6
Public relations/Communications (Annotated Bibliography)  2c1
Organizational development (Reflective journal on reading)  3a4
Allocating resources (Reflective Summary)  3b
Interpreting laws, regulations, and policies (Reflective Notes and Annotated Bibliography)  3c
Y2K Reflective Summary  3c3
Effective communication (Reflective Summary)  4a
Evaluation and assessment (Reflective Summary)  4b
Problem-solving and decision-making (Application)  4c1
Problem-solving and decision-making (Bibliography and Reflections)  4c2
Reading and evaluating research (Annotated Bibliography)  5a2
Conducting research (Reflective Summary)  5b
Reporting research (Reflective Summary)  5c
Educational foundations (Annotated Bibliography)  6a2
Theories of learning and human development (Annotated Bibliography)  6b1
Social systems, including family dynamics, political issues, and bureaucratic structures (Annotated Bibliography)  6d2

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