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Topic Competency
Using, evaluating, and adapting instructional materials 1a
Instructional management to accommodate individual variability 1b
Reflections on Cooperative Learning for Adults 1b1
Developing instructional strategies 1c
Planning and implementing change 2a
Developing human resources 2b
Public relations/Communications 2c
Organizational development 3a
Allocating resources 3b
Interpreting laws, regulations, and policies 3c
Y2K Reflections 3c4
Effective communication 4a
Evaluation and assessment 4b
Reflective paper on the Assessment and Evaluation course 4b1
Problem-solving and decision-making 4c
Reading and evaluating research 5a
Conducting research 5b
Reporting research 5c
Educational foundations 6a
Issues in Education Foundations 6a1
Theories of learning and human development 6b
Theories of leadership and management 6c
Social systems, including family dynamics, political issues, and bureaucratic structures 6d
Personal applications 6d3
Educational technology and its application 6e
Reflections on Leadership Technology Task Force 6e2
Reflections on specific technologies used in the Leadership web site 6e3.2
Reflections on EDUC689 Seminar: Technology Integration 6e3.5

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