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Topic Competency
EDUC756 Advanced Study: Office Productivity 1b2
Andrews University Strategic Planning Committee 2a1.1
Semester Conversion Steering Committee 2a1.2
Andrews University computing committees 2a1.3
The Strategic Planning process in ITS 2a2
EDUC756 Advanced Study: Change Process 2a4
Impact of Data Warehousing at Andrews University 2a5
Facilitating the reorganization of Computer Science and Information Systems 3a3
Process for identifying, developing, approving, and revising policies 3c1
Y2K Task Force and efforts to achieve compliance with year 2000 regulations 3c3
Reflections on Leadership Technology Task Force 6e2
Document applications of the WebCT technology 6e3.5
EDCI689 Seminar: Technology Integration, WebCT 6e3.5

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