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Other Notes

. remove books not read in bibliography
. How am i changed?
. How have my team members changed?
. With SWOT, include temperament inventory, and what we learned, what changed in how we related to each other; group culture
. Why did we do it this way?
. Why did i chose the approaches I did?
Theoretical rationale
. Would I do it this wy again?
. Get an expert opinion, eg bill greenley

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Quotes from

CIO Magazine 1-Apr-2001, p76
(on local web)

Michael Earl - Interview: The evolving role of CIO
Interview by Sussanah Patton
CIO Magazine, 1-Apr-2001, p168
(on local web)

Nicholas Negroponte: Digital Visionary
Converge, October 2001
By Dan Page
(on local web)

Achieving a Highly Effective Organization
by Glen D. Hoffherr and Robert P. Reid
(on local web)

Implementing Strategic Change
(on local web)

Process vs. Technology: What Drives Your Business?
By Major Dale Long, USAF
(on local web)

Links to Important Skills (including Leadership and Problem Solving)
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Abstracts of HBR Articles: Best of HBR on Leadership: Balancing Stability and Change
(on local web)