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Dissertation Title:
Data warehousing and decision making in Higher Education in the United States.

A study of the extent to which data warehousing is used to assist in decision making in higher education in the United States.

Selected Email, Notes, Forms, and Documents
Date To/From Subject
16-Jun-05 Joan Couse Phoned Joan Couse
10-Jun-05 Joan Couse Phoned Joan Couse
07-Jun-05 Joan Couse Phoned Joan Couse 
03-Jun-05 Betsy Blythe Phoned Betsy Blythe
05-May-05 Betsy Blythe &
Joan Couse
Phoned Betsy Blythe; Email response from Betsy; From Betsy; To Betsy; From Betsy; From Betsy; To Betsy; From Joan; To Joan
29-Apr-05 < Canadians

Sent emails to attendees from Canada to Forum II, asking them to pilot my survey Sample email requesting pilot assistance
Sample Letters: To Presidents; To Respondents

29-Apr-05 Heather Nudd > Dissertation Proposal Approval by Graduate Programs, SED
Official Form
27-Apr-05 Bill Hayward > Post Forum II message
22-Apr-05 Emilio > Email from Emilio after Proposal meeting with Dissertatiion Committee
21-Apr-05 < Committee My notes to my committee following Proposal meeting with Dissertatiion Committee
21-Apr-05 < Bill & Emily Email to Bill and Emily following Forum II, with page of notes and links to my survey
Links Page
20-Apr-05 < Jimmy Tips from Forum II, survey questions
19-Apr-05 OSR > Notice from Office of Scholarly Research that IRB has approved my research
16-Apr-04 < Michael Glasser Asking for download from the EDUCAUSE directory.  Met Michael at Forum II
11-Apr-05 < Jimmy Draft of chapters 1-3 for review by committee Zip File Attachment
06-Apr-05 < Jimmy IRB Application and supporting documents
03-Apr-05 Jimmy > Jimmy's tips on how to apply to the IRB
06-Mar-05 < Jimmy Revisions to Chapter 1 (attachment)
05-Mar-05 Jimmy > Meeting with Jimmy, Hinsdale & Emilio on 20 April, 1:00 - 3:00 in Geraty Room
04-Mar-05 < Hinsdale Welcoming Hinsdale to my team
04-Mar-05 Jimmy > Email to Hinsdale & Emilio requesting a meeting in April
02-Mar-05 < Barbara Hope Suggestions on Subject Areas
27-Feb-04 Forum I Attendees > Request for feedback on subject areas (SubjectAreas.xls)
23-Feb-05 Jimmy > Notes on Chapter 1, travel plans, advisor, etc (the attachment)
plus ...
Jimmy, Loretta, Shirley Discussions about changes in advisor and committee membership on Loretta's move to LLU. Feb 18, 23, Mar 2, 3, 4, 5
17-Feb-05 > Jimmy Further discussion on IRB question
17-Feb-05 Jimmy > Answer to IRB question
16-Feb-05 > Jimmy Question about IRB and approving web surveys
11-Feb-05 Jimmy > Acknowledgement from Jimmy
10-Feb-05 > Jimmy Next draft of Chapter 1 (the attachment)
04-Feb-05 Loretta > Questions about proposal defence remotely, etc
28-Jan-05 Jimmy > Answers to some follow up questions
28-Jan-05 > Jimmy Question about Proposal Defense
28-Jan-05 Jimmy > Response (Word attachment) to my draft (the attachment)
25-Jan-05 Loretta > Response to some questions
24-Jan-05 Loretta > Question about getting help with survey
20-Jan-05 > Jimmy Follow up question
20-Jan-05 Jimmy > Acknowledgement of receipt
19-Jan-05 > Jimmy Draft submission of Lterature Review, plus some questions
14-Jan-05 > Dilbert Request to Dilbert copyright holders to use a cartoon
12-Jan-05 Mike Eton > Survey invitation from Mike Eom at University of Portland
03-Dec-04 > Loretta Alan J. Rowe
12-Nov-04 Ora Fish > Reply from Ora Fish about brief DW Survey she ran in the EDUCAUSE List, with Word Attachment of other resources
05-Nov-04 Ora Fish > Reply from Ora Fish with other questions to include
28-Oct-04 > Jimmy Reply to Jimmy's survey response
28-Oct-04 > Loretta Reply to Loretta's survey response
28-Oct-04 > Emilio Reply to Emilio's survey response
28-Oct-04 > Jimmy Reply to Jimmy's survey response
28-Oct-04 > Loretta Reply to Loretta's survey response
27-Oct-04 Jimmy > Reponse to survey invite
22-Oct-04 > Emilio Sample Survey Invite to Emilio (others sent to Jimmy and Loretta)
22-Oct-04 > Team Updates - bought the email list for $370, books on surveys, etc,
24-Sep-04 Loretta > Books suggestion - Streifer, Philip Alan.  Tools and techniques for effective data-driven decision making
17-Sep-04 Jimmy > RE: Survey questions
16-Sep-04 Team > Survey Questions
09-Sep-04 > Loretta RE: Updates
09-Sep-04 > Team Updates to team
Academic IT Helpdesk Survey
Academic IT Helpdesk Survey tools and Methods
HED data costs
09-Sep-04 Jimmy > Proposal Outline
02-Sep-04 Loretta > Proposal Outline
31-Aug-04 Shelly Diers > Resources from Shelly Diers, one of the authors on the DW book (040831.pdf)
26-Aug-04 Loretta > Proposal Outline acknowledgement from Loretta
25-Aug-04 Loretta > Proposal Outline acknowledgement from Loretta
25-Aug-04 > Team Proposal Outline again to Jimmy, Loretta, & Emilio (ProposalOutline.pdf)
13-Aug-04 > Team Proposal Outline to Jimmy, Loretta, & Emilio (ProposalOutline.pdf)
09-Aug-04 > Jimmy RE: 24-HR ALERT to Jimmy
09-Aug-04 Jimmy > RE: 24-HR ALERT from Jimmy
06-Aug-04 > Jimmy 24-HR ALERT to Jimmy (ProposalOutline.pdf)
02-Aug-04 > Jimmy Proposal Outline to Jimmy (ProposalOutline.pdf)

Official Form: Request for Doctoral Dissertation Committee and Topic Approval (third)

07-Jun-04 Jerry > Email response from Jerry
14-Apr-04 Loretta > Comments on DissProp3.pdf from Loretta
13-Apr-04   Third draft of Proposal (DissProp3.pdf)
04-Apr-04   Second draft of Proposal (DissProp2.pdf)
02-Apr-04 Loretta > Comments on DissProp1.pdf from Loretta
29-Feb-04 > Team First draft beginnings of Proposal (DissProp1.pdf)
19-Jan-04 Jerry > Response from Jerry
03-Jan-03 > Team Email to Jerry, Loretta, & Stephen with Updates
28-Dec-03 > Team Proposal outline discussion document
Covering email to Dissertation Committee
22-Dec-03 > Team Email to Dissertation Committee
17-Jul-03 Thayer Meeting with Jerry Thayer
17-Jun-03   Official Form: Request for Doctoral Dissertation Committee and Topic Approval (second)
18-Jan-02   Proposal Notes

Other Notes

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