Dryden, Gordon and Vos, Jeannette.  (1999).  The Learning Revolution: A Life-long Learning Program for the World's Finest Computer: your Amazing Brain! (2nd ed.). (EN-0169)
Learning Web, USA, The.  ISBN: 1929284004

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Editorial Reviews

Midwest Book Review

The Learning Revolution presents a life-long learning program program for the human mind. Readers will learn how to read four books a day and remember what they read; the basics of a foreign language in four to eight weeks; how youngsters five years behind in their reading age are catching up in under ten weeks; how to enrich a child's intelligence in the vital years from birth to eight; how to keep on learning throughout the whole of life; how to catch up at school even if they start behind others; how to think for successful ideas in business, school, and life; how to find their own best learning, thinking and working styles; how to get students high on education thereby avoiding drugs, gangs and crime; and the fun-fast way to transform education at school, work and home. The Learning Revolution is highly recommended reading for all parents and care-givers, and a "must" for anyone involved in homeschooling as well as formal classroom instruction.

What People Are Saying

This book is what books on education should be: a masterful blend of knowledge, care, optimism and very practical advice.  It provides a superb tour of the main advances and main concepts that will affect education and learning in the 21st century.author of “The Mind Map Book" —Tony Buzan

Here, at last, is a book that writes the script for the most important revolution of the day: succinctly, simply, enthusiastically, honestly.  A well-aimed challenge for all of us to rethink entirely everything we were ever taught about learning and teaching
—Director-General of the World Trade Organization and former New Zealand Prime Minister —Hon. Mike Moore