Fried, Louis. (1995). Managing Information Technology in Turbulent Times. (EN-0147)
John Wiley & Sons. ISBN: 0-471-04742-2

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Written from a business rather than a technical perspective, this practical guide offers valuable advice to information officers trying to stay abreast of the changes in their field. Fried takes a close, hard look at the latest trends in the fast changing world of information systems, and lays out strategies used by many multinational corporations to solve their problems.

The publisher, John Wiley & Sons
Uses a business perspective to describe emerging information technologies. Demonstrates how to go about selecting and managing them, what they can do for your company and how they will affect your business. Discusses the latest trends in information systems including project management, outsourcing, downsizing, information security and object orientation.

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The insights and advice you need to survive and prosper through a decade of radical change

A revolution is taking place in the way companies manage their information systems. Driven simultaneously by rapid advances in user-friendly technology and an increasingly competitive business climate, business unit managers are taking direct control of information resources. Chief information officers who are reluctant to share their power over these resources may find themselves replaced by more willing candidates.

Managing Information Technology in Turbulent Times guides you across the troubled business waters of the next ten years. MIS expert and highly respected author Louis Fried demonstrates that, with flexibility, ingenuity, and forethought, you can survive and prosper through the radical changes that lie ahead. His practical advice and proven methods for solving technology management problems are culled from the best practices of CIOs from more than 1,000 major multinational corporations.

This book helps you anticipate and cope with the major management issues facing CIOs in the coming years, including:

About the Author
LOUIS FRIED is Vice President Emeritus of Information Technology Consulting for SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute) in Menlo Park, California. His career in information systems spans over thirty-five years including fifteen years as a director or vice president of Management Information Systems in large corporations.