Gredler, Margaret E.  (2000).  Learning and Instruction: Theory into Practice (4th ed.). (EN-0170)
Prentice Hall.  ISBN: 0130122270

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Editorial Reviews

The publisher, Prentice-Hall Career & Technology

With an increased emphasis on cognition and constuctivism, this well- organized text offers superior coverage of contemporary learning theories and their application to educational practice. Popular among students, it translates basic assumptions and principles of seven contemporary learning theories into easily understandable guidelines for classroom instruction, and discusses issues related to each theory, including readiness, motivation, problem-solving, and the social context for learning.

From the Back Cover

Learning and Instruction contains comprehensive coverage of all learning theory perspectives from behavioral to cognitive to social constructivist. Gredler's text takes a models approach by presenting separate chapters on individual theories and perspectives such as Piaget, Weiner, and Bandura. * Each major theory chapter now contains a new section titled "Relationships to Other Perspectives" that compares and contrasts each perspective with other theories of learning.

  • This edition now includes a current examination of neuroscience's contributions to learning theories.
  • The new Chapter 10 clarifies the concepts in Vygotsky's theory, specifically the role of the teacher and subject matter learning in cognitive development.
  • The text very clearly translates basic assumptions and principles into understandable guidelines for classroom instruction.